Check Waiting List Status

Pre-Application/Waiting List Status

Each applicant’s name will be placed on the PHA’s Record of Applicant/Community-Wide Waiting List, based on the date and time the application is received and any applicable preferences.

Applicants on the waiting list shall contact the PHA every six (6) months to confirm continued interest, qualifications, and preference eligibility.

Applicant Preferences

  • Lives or Works in Jo Daviess County– you can only qualify for this preference and check this box if at the time you are submitting the application, you currently reside and/or work in Jo Daviess County.   See the definitions below regarding that status of income.
  • Working or Elderly or Disabled– you will qualify for this preference if you have any of the following types of income:
    • B- Own Business
    • F- Federal Wages
    • W- Other income
    • P- Pension
    • SSI-Social Security Insurance
    • SS- Social Security
    • M-Military Pay
    • HA- PHA Wage
    • U-Unemployment Benefits
    • If the Head of Household is 62 yes old or older
  • Sources of Income that do NOT qualify for the Working Preference are:
    • TANF
    • F-Food Stamps
    • C- Child Support

Waiting List Status Lookup

To look up your waiting list status, enter the social security number (will be the head of household on the application) in the box.  Enter numbers only, no dashes then click the “Lookup” button.

Example of information that will be provided.

Waiting List        Application Date    Control Number    Status     Position                    Email Case Worker

Public Housing.    4/19/2019                PH-00066                Pending        168         Link to case worker

Application Status Definitions:

  • Pending-Your pre-application has been received and is “pending” completion of a full application, preliminary eligibility determination, and in- person Screening interview. The Admission Preference Categories you selected have been reviewed and confirmed based on the information you entered on your pre-application. Our software system has assigned you a control number and a position on the waiting list based on your confirmed preference request, date, and time of your pre-application. As your name reaches the top of the waiting list you will be contacted to complete a full application and schedule an in-person screening interview for purposes of determining your final eligibility for the program. 
  • Eligible-You have completed your in-person screening interview and all your information has been verified. You are now eligible for admission to the program. As an opening in the program becomes available you will be contacted to discuss possible admission to the program and timeline.

Updating the Waiting Lists:

  • The PHA may update (purge) it’s waiting list every twelve (12 months) in order to remove names of applicants who are no longer interested in the program, or who cannot be located.
  • Formal Communication- In an effort to have correspondence documented and addressed in a timely manner, the preferred method of communication is via email (  US Mail will be used as secondary option in the event that email is not an option for the applicant.
  • The PHA requires applicants to report, in writing or via email, any changes in family composition or circumstances, any significant changes in income or assets that would affect the family’s eligibility, the type of development, or the size and type of unit needed.
  • If an applicant does NOT respond to the PHA’s efforts to contact them regarding continued interest, updates, additional information or offers of assistance, the applicant will be removed from the waiting list and their application withdrawn.
  • The PHA will take the following actions when updating the waiting list:
    • An email notice will be sent to each applicant on the waiting list advising them of the need to update their application.  The notice will include instructions for responding to the notification. If an email is not available, this will be done via US Mail.
    • Applicants will have ten (10) calendar days from the date the email was sent or the postmark date for US Mail of the update notice, to respond by email/mail or in person.
    • If applicants fail to respond to either the update letter or if the email is undeliverable, or if a letter is returned postmarked by the post office as undeliverable, the PHA will withdraw their application.
    • If the reason an applicant does not respond to the PHA’s attempt to contact him/her is related to a disability, the PHA will, as reasonable accommodation, reinstate the applicant in their former position on the waiting list. 

To check the status of your application please visit:

This will take you to a website that you can use to check your status.